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23 January
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utterly complicated. hideously ambitious. unique. i promise, you'll never find another quite like me. simple, yet powerful. unwilling to be grounded. witty. totally confident. jaded in ways most will never understand. incredibly random. often too descriptive. hi, i have insomnia every once in a while. vulnerable, but who isn't? self educated in a sense. dorky [ah ha, you know you love it!]. innovative oi. optimistic & curious to see whats in the future. i'm real. hypocritical tendencies ensue. intelligent. not perfect. [don't look at me if you're looking for perfection, i'll only let you down]. HELLO, I LOVE LIFE. i randomly sing opera at the mall. im basically obsessed with ragdoll photography. i am known for my legs. i love my alone time, but i hate being alone. i am pure [!!]. open minded. mysterious. kind of shy. messy, but at the same time, a neat freak. finicky eater. a flibbertigibbet [scatterbrain]....to the extreme. i pay very close attention to ickle characteristics i am intrigued by. it's the very best way to get to know a person without awkward silence and what-have-you. i'm always emerged in deep thought. [&] if you think i'm staring at your hair color-cut-or style, you're probably right ;). i'm very complex; & usually hard to understand. most of the time, there's no explanation for things i may do or say.

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